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Let’s Play Ball!

By Darnelle Thursday, 17 April 2014

Here in South Vancouver, nothing says spring more than the start of Little League baseball season.  There is so much that is wholesome and good about the sport such as kids learning life lessons about team work, handling the pressure of the spot light, the importance of working hard to learn a skill and then applying the skill.  Running, jumping and throwing are three basic fundamental movements for kids ages 5-12 that will form part of their physical literacy for life.  So lets play ball!

While your child is playing ball you can also improve your fitness!  Here are 10 Baseball Fan Fitness Challenges that you can attempt while hanging around at Memorial Park South – Joan and Phil Lake Diamond.

  1. The Memorial Park Mile – The perimeter of Memorial Park is approximately 1 mile!  How long does it take you to walk, run/walk or run it?  Can you do 2 laps or 3 laps in one inning???
  2. The 7th Inning Stretch (Sun Salutations) –  Do this in between each inning if you like!  Stand with your feet together, reach both arms up to the sky, bend forward from your waist , keeping a flat back.  Bend your knees so that you can place both of your hands on the ground.  Place your hands on your shins and try to straighten your legs. Bend your knees again and put both of your hands on the ground. Step back with one foot and then the other, keeping both of your hands on the ground and your butt in the air! You should feel a stretch along the backs of your legs.  Lower your butt and put your body into the start of a push up position.  If you need to, put your knees on the ground.  Lower your whole body gently to the ground.  Keep pressing your hands into the ground and gently lift your shoulders and chest off the ground.  Press back into Child’s Pose and then tuck your toes and lift your butt into the air again.  Step your feet forward towards your hands and come back up to standing.  Repeat 1-10x
  3. At BaT A BA TA  Tabata!  You’ve heard about it.  What is it?  Find out here. Your Tabata set: scissor jumps/split squat jumps/jumping jacks/speed skaters: 20seconds of each exercise with 10 seconds rest in between x 2.  Do this 3x during the game for 12 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training aka H.I.I.T
  4. Push Up Medley -  Do these from your knees or toes.  Take as long as you like between sets.  This push up medley could last the whole game! 5, 10, 15, 20, 20,  15, 10, 5 = 100 push ups!
  5. Full Count (3 & 2’s) – Do 3 jump squats and 2 step back lunges with a kick.  Do this for each batter on your team.  You can do this for 1-3 innings.
  6. Walk the Baseline – Walking lunges from where home plate is to where first/third base is.  Crab walk back.  Repeat 3-5 times
  7. Foul Ball Burpees – Do a burpee for every foul ball.  Do this for 2-4 innings.
  8. Bleacher Step Ups  -  Use any bench or the bleachers or even a curb at your diamond.  The surface you are stepping on to should not be higher than your knee unless you are very experienced in backcountry hiking, trail running or weight training.  Put one foot on the surface and keep it there…perform 10 or more step ups then switch legs.  Keep alternating like that until you reach 100 per foot (or as close as you can get)
  9. Caterpillar Crawls – Stand with your feet together.  Bend your knees and put your hands on the ground.  Step your hands forwards until you are in push up position.  Step your feet forward towards your hands and stand.  Put your hands back on the ground, step your feet backwards until you are in push up position.  Step your hands backwards towards your feet and stand.  Repeat 2x 5 times.
  10. The Home Run/Walk/Bike – Most of us live fairly close to the park….walk, run or ride your bike either to or from or both ways at least 2 x this season.  You may have to have special arrangements in place to make this happen but it is possible!

Let’s do this South Van Little League!  Let’s be great examples of healthy living for our kids and our community!   Please ask Darnelle (mom of Cayden- Minors Cardinals, Sam- Rookies Lightning Bolts and Chiara T-Ball Blue Jets) darnelle@eastsidefitness.ca if you have any questions about the challenge items.  You’ll also find her around the park A LOT!  #committofit #eastsidestyle

Congratulations Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge Participants!

By Darnelle Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dirty Shoes

A little running on the trails in the rain never killed anyone.

The Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge which began February 14th came to a close on April 15th. It was great to see so many folks taking on the challenge to see how many kilometers they could walk, run, hike, cycle, ski or swim over 60 days! Many of the group, especially those training for upcoming spring marathons such as Lara Spence, Janet Webber and Jonathan Wornell, posted kilometers well above the minimum requirement – hitting and exceeding the 480km mark. Amazing! I also know that many of the group worked steadily and consistently to hit just over the 120km mark. Most of this group is not training for anything specific, they are just out to Commit to Fit and this kind of distance is an incredible feat to achieve.

Our objectives with this challenge were to:

  1. Get people moving.
  2. Get people outside during some of the greyist, dullest days of the year in Vancouver.
  3. Teach people to understand how their heart rate is effected by different types of exercise and what those different heart rates mean for your body.
  4. Create a base level of fitness from which we can continue to build strong, connected, agile bodies!

We think we accomplished these goals and we are so proud of each and every one of the participants. Last night we drew names from among the participants for three draw prizes. Congratulations to Tina Vaness-Kehler, Dawn Ursuliak and Jackie Hestrin-Copland! You have each won an Eastside Fitness running top! Go Team!!!

I look forward to unveiling the next Commit to Fit Challenge – coming this summer. Stay tuned!

Beach Running

While some of us toughed it out getting our kilometers racked up in Raincouver, these two took time away from their tropical cocktails to Commit to Fit.

Snowshoe Running

Another clever option..snowshoe running. No doubt about heart rate reaching it’s target zone in this sport!

Call for photos – Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge

By Darnelle Sunday, 30 March 2014

Chilly Chase!
We would love to see your photos of the various ways you moved your body forward over all those kilometers in the latest Commit to Fit Challenge!  And it’s not over yet…you still have 16 more days to see how far you can move your body via running, walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, cross country skiing, snowshoeing , roller blading…..

Today, everyone should be at about 90km towards the goal of 120km.  I know many of you are working towards your 24okm and even the 480km mark.

Great work on challenging your heart and lungs to create a solid fitness foundation.

Commit to Fit!


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