A Five Day, Hot, Summer Weekend Commit to Fit

By Darnelle Wednesday, 2 July 2014

This weekend was the first REAL challenge of the summer.  If you are like me, your weekend started on Friday afternoon and went all the way to Tuesday night!  Yes, that did include Monday which wasn’t an actual holiday but it was close enough.  That means it was a virtual, 5 day weekend.  And it was HOT. And it was busy with barbeques and Canada Day Festivities and baseball games.  But for us Commit to Fit Challenge participants, that is NO EXCUSE to forget about exercising.  In fact, that is just the sort of challenge we are looking for!  So how did your 5 day, summer weekend go?  What did you do to #committofit?

Commit to Fit

Since our last post we have a bunch of new team members!  Welcome to all and to our Calgary contingent who has their own #committofit facebook page.  I know they were busy “committing to fit” this weekend!  Make sure your name is included on the list below.

Commit to Fit Yoga

  1. Roxanne L.
  2. Nadia M.
  3. Mark M.
  4. Marnie W.
  5. Aaryn C.
  6. Anno M.
  7. Diane W.
  8. Samantha T.
  9. Laura M.
  10. Brandy D.
  11. Nicole B.
  12. Melissa T.
  13. Stacey F.
  14. Sophie K.
  15. Brigitte G.
  16. Benny L.
  17. Sue B.
  18. Sueling C.
  19. Harriet F.
  20. Alexa U.
  21. Darnelle M.
  22. Jonathan W.
  23. Judy M.
  24. Julie G.
  25. Neera G.
  26. Jacquie S.
  27. Janet W.
  28. Kristen V.
  29. Anna Y.
  30. Jennifer D.
  31. Kim L.
  32. Paula R.
  33. Tina V.K.
  34. Christine P.
  35. Melissa S.
  36. Magda B.
  37. Jill J.
  38. Sharon D.
  39. Doris L.
  40. Michelle M.
  41. Sue D.
  42. Winnie L.
  43. Ruth M.
  44. Muriel S.
  45. Lara S.
  46. Tiffany M.
  47. Annie P.
  48. Sandra C.
  49. Mike H.
  50. Revel K.
  51. Jessi S.
  52. Wendy S.
  53. Matthais L.
  54. Lisa Y.
  55. Odeya Y.
  56. Susan C.

Do’s and Don’ts for the Commit to Fit Summer Fitness Challenge

By Darnelle Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Where in the world will YOU commit to fit this summer?

Summer Commit to Fit



Congratulations to everyone who has already registered for this summer’s Commit to Fit!  If you are unsure of the details, you can check them out here.  Registration will continue for the rest of the week.   The challenge began this weekend and our challenge participants really stepped up to the plate.   Our official log in page is almost ready for tracking your progress.  In the meantime keep on sending us those photos and giving us updates on your sessions.  We love to hear about them and to cheer you on!

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for making the most of this Summer Fitness Challenge:

Do involve your family, friends and out of town guests in your efforts to exercise.  They might think you are a bit crazy but in the end, we all need to stay healthy and strong.  You never know who you will inspire with your commitment to fitness.

Do try something new! A hike, a swim in the ocean or lake, or an exercise class in a small town you are passing through.  Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise for the instructor if you and your posse showed up for a mid-day yoga class in Moose Jaw, Sask.?

Do take photos.  We love selfies!  This goes back to inspiring others.  Your photo may remind someone else they need to get out there or give them an idea about something they can do while stuck on an extended family road trip.

Don’t feel silly about doing walking lunges at a highway rest stop or using the playground monkey bars for pull ups and stretching.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated.  Summer is hot and you need plenty of cool, refreshing water to maintain your body temperature and circulatory system.

Don’t give up if you fall off the wagon!  If you didn’t get in your 3 sessions one week simply keep going and try for 3 next week and beyond.  The important part is being as consistent as possible over the course of the summer.  You have 12 weeks to make it happen!

Do post on facebook and twitter using the hashtag #committofit.  Let’s create a fun, interactive community around this challenge!

Don’t forget your Eastside Fitness gear!  Be proud and show us where in the world you will Commit to Fit!

Good luck team!  Let’s do this!

  1. Stacey F.
  2. Sophie K.
  3. Brigitte G.
  4. Benny L.
  5. Sue B.
  6. Sueling C.
  7. Harriet F.
  8. Alexa U.
  9. Darnelle M.
  10. Jonathan W.
  11. Judy M.
  12. Julie G.
  13. Neera G.
  14. Jacquie S.
  15. Janet W.
  16. Kristen V.
  17. Anna Y.
  18. Jennifer D.
  19. Kim L.
  20. Paula R.
  21. Tina V.K.
  22. Christine P.
  23. Melissa S.
  24. Magda B.
  25. Jill J.
  26. Sharon D.
  27. Doris L.
  28. Michelle M.
  29. Sue D.
  30. Winnie L.
  31. Ruth M.
  32. Muriel S.
  33. Lara S.
  34. Tiffany M.
  35. Annie P.
  36. Sandra C.
  37. Mike H.
  38. Revel K.
  39. Jessi S.
  40. Wendy S.
  41. Matthais L.
  42. Lisa Y.
  43. Odeya Y.
  44. Susan C.





The REAL Women of Eastside Fitness – Stacey Fruin

By Darnelle Thursday, 8 May 2014

As you know, we have been running regular posts called the The REAL Women of Eastside Fitness.  The posts feature women who have taken time out of their busy lives to include exercise as part of their on going fitness and personal care routines.  We love to feature them as role models because to us they epitomize balanced, healthy living and prove that all of us, no matter how much “other” stuff we need to or want to do, really NEED to take time for ourselves.  These women are strong and connected to their communities.  In this month of May, where mom’s are honoured, we are happy to feature a mom who meets all of these criteria and also, includes her daughter in her fitness routine in the hopes of creating a positive exercise experience for her that will carry her through her life.  So, without further ado, we are pleased to introduce the May 2014 REAL Woman of Eastside Fitness…

Stacey Fruin


Stacey is an avid cyclist, a self-described alternative 80′s Chick, as well as a mom and a proud BC wine industry booster. She captained Team Borden Ladner Gervais LLP in the 2009 Ride to Conquer Cancer from Vancouver to Seattle, repeating the ride in 2011.Stacey also rode in the 2009 & 2010 Bicycle Trek for Life from Vancouver to Chilliwack, BC and back. When not thinking about what dishes she might conjure up in her kitchen, she spends time with husband Mike and her daughter Sophie. Stacey is also the co-author of the Definitive Guide to the Practice and Procedures of Basic BC Company Law.

What is your favorite type of exercise? – Cycling is #1, but also horseback riding.  I also enjoy working on strength training with my daughter Sophie.  We work out at the gym together once per week.

What is your least favorite exercise? – Skiing, I never could get the hang of it.

Tell us about a typical day in your life? – When I’m not at work or hanging with the dog, I love to cook, so lots of prepping and making things in the kitchen. Then I like to enjoy a glass of wine with Mike for cocktail hour

What or who inspires you? – My family – my husband Mike to be more positive, and my daughter Sophie to be kinder.

What is your favorite healthy food? – It’s a tough call, but probably anything with beans, rice or quinoa

What is your favorite “indulgent” food? – Salted caramel ice cream!

If you were stuck with only one book and one movie they would  be? – Book would be Game of Thrones, movie would be The Man From Snowy River

Quote to live by? – Keep calm and enjoy your wine

Personal fitness goals for the coming year, life? - To do at least one full pull-up! And to do more cycling next year!

Anything else? – I am planning to start playing the piano more regularly.

We will look forward to hearing your piano renditions of the The Clash! Keep up the great work Stacey.  You are so close to that pull up goal and you an awesome role model for Sophie!  Don’t forget to check out Stacey’s blog.




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