Different Types of Yoga – Try Something New

Not all yoga is the same.  

There are many different styles of yoga as well as many different yoga instructors who all put their own spin on a particular class.  Some classes focus on breath and movement while others are more stationary and focused on stretching deep tissues of the body.  Have you ever tried Kundalini yoga?  If not, we dare you!  It’s quite a “workout”, yet still suitable for all levels.  Before you try your first yoga class, find out which style of yoga you are looking for.  What does yoga mean to you and what do you hope to get out of the class?  If you’ve already established a yoga routine, we challenge you try out a new style  (have I mentioned Kundalini?????)

In any case, the end result of yoga is the same:  Health and well-being.  You can’t go wrong.

D and Lara practicing at Mackenzie Field last summer. If we can do it you can too! We have both made yoga part of our weekly routine.

Read through these descriptions of yoga classes put together by Bev Akhurst.  Bev teaches many styles of yoga herself and has just started Kundalini yoga teacher training with Semperviva.

HATHA: Hatha yoga is based on the original yoga brought to the west. It is a combination of poses that flow with breath starting with a warm up, moving through a series of poses that move either fast or slow dependant on the style of class ending with deep relaxation. Hatha can be for many levels. Choose the class based on the type of Hatha.

  • Gentle: All levels. Good for those just starting yoga or recently back after a long break from it. Also good for those dealing with physical injury or healing or anyone just looking for a more relaxing practice in their day.
  • Classic Hatha: All levels. Good for those new to yoga or with a regular practice. This would be any Hatha style class without flow in the title.
  • Hatha Flow: General knowledge of yoga poses (have done at anywhere from 5 – 10 classes)and have a bit of comfort with their practice. Any class with Flow in the title is a faster paced class which uses breath to move through a series of poses. May also build strength through longer held poses. Good for those who are looking for a little more heat in their practice.

VINYASA OR POWER: Requires good knowledge of yoga poses and comfortable with movement. These are fast paced classes utilizing poses connected with breath to create heat and strength. This style is best suited to individuals who follow a regular yoga practice and are looking for a challenge.

YIN: Yin is a fairly new practice developed to work on the body at a deeper level. It focuses on the more internal aspects of the body such as joints, ligaments, tendons, connective tissues, bones and fascia among other things. Yin takes your body to an edge, and then holds you in timed poses to allow your body to fully extend, slowly and safely. Within an hour long classes there are maybe 5 or 6 poses which are held but it is challenging due to the depth you take you r body and the time you remain here. Yin is great balance for those who follow a more active yoga practice, are athletes or also for those who have tighter bodies due to age or lifestyle. Basically, Yin is good for anyone past their teens and into their 90’s. *Not recommended for children or teens as their tissues are still developing.

KUNDALINI: Kundalini is good for all levels of yogi. It is a fast paced and dynamic form of yoga that brings on fairly quick benefits, such as weight control, stress relief, better sleep, lymphatic detox and a stronger will. Classes use opening mantras, warm ups and sets of postures and deep relaxation to bring you these results and release creative energy (Kundalini energy).  This class is good for anyone and everyone. Move at your own pace and enjoy!

How is your yoga practice coming along?


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