More Commit to Fit Photos

Congratulations everybody!  We survived another summer of interrupted routines, heat, backyard barbeques, block parties, and children out of school.  Another Commit to Fit Challenge has come and gone.  Thank you so much for participating and helping to spread the word about the importance of maintaining physical fitness no matter the circumstances.

You are truly an inspirational bunch!  The photos you have submitted on our Commit to Fit Facebook Group were awesome! Not only did they serve to inspire with ideas for creative solutions to fitness problems,  they were also beautiful, funny, and kept us connected no matter where our travels took us or where our home base is.

On October 1st, as promised, your prizes for participating in the challenge – the coveted Eastside Fitness t-shirts – will be available at the studio for you to pick up.  At that time, we will also be announcing the winners of our Commit to Fit Photo Contest.  If you haven’t seen the first group of entries, check here.

The winners of the contest will be announced on October 1st at the Grand Opening – Open House.  They will be determined through a random draw!   And now, for the final photos being entered in the contest… Enjoy!  And always…#committofit

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