Humans of Eastside Fitness – Jas

I am 46 years old and the oldest of four children. I also have four children ranging in age between 22 and 14. I live with my husband and kids and in-laws. Even though I was born in India I’ve lived on Fraser street for most of my life. Raising little kids, working inside and outside the home, and dealing with family obligations didn’t leave much time for exercise. Besides the odd walk here and there I didn’t get much exercise.

A few years ago, I started taking Zumba classes at Sunset. It felt good to get an hour to myself and have some fun. I would also get out for a run now and then. There just never seemed to be time for anything more than that. 

Thankfully when I was introduced to the Eastside family by my sister Sue, I was able to ‘find’ the time. The studio was so close by and convenience made the difference for me. My sister and I started training with Danelle. After a while I was able to add an early morning weight training class. Last but not least my favourite, Meghan’s kickboxing classes were added to the mix. These classes are so much fun and you feel so good afterwards. 

For the past year I’ve been able to work out four times a week and I feel really great! When I have to miss class occasionally, I really miss it. I would like to try some yoga classes next but the times haven’t worked out yet…..hopefully soon!  

Humans of Eastside Fitness is a monthly feature on our blog.  Inspired by the interesting and popular – Humans of New York series we aim to document the diverse and dedicated community who workout and hang out at Eastside Fitness. 


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