One Month of Commit To Fit – Keep it Up

Thanks to all who have been sharing their photos on our Commit to Fit Facebook Page.  We are now one month into our 3 month Commit to Fit Summer Fitness Challenge.  In the true spirit of #committofit, there are photos of everything from beautiful mountain top views, crystal cool lakes, and exotic locales to the everyday, ordinary workout routines we manage to squeeze in between work, kids, and backyard parties.  I especially love seeing how some of you have dragged your poor unsuspecting family, neighbours, and out of town guests into your healthy habits!  Keep up the great work everyone! Keep the photos coming too.  Here are a few that have been submitted since June 21st.  What have been your your favorite Commit to Fit moments so far this summer? Have you found it easy or difficult to stick to a healthy fitness routine?  Have you taken a holiday that focuses on activity such as hiking or canoeing?  Have you had to work hard to fit in a trip to yoga or make it out for a quick run?  How will you #committofit over the next two months of summer?

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