Commit to Fit Summer Fitness Challenge Photos

July 22nd- August 21st

Week 5  to Week  8

Great work everyone!  Month two of our challenge is complete and we are well on our way in the final few weeks. Thanks to all who sumitted photos.  I love seeing all of them!  Remember that the more photos you submit, the more chances you have of winning our grand prize draw: 10 sessions of personal training! There will also be other prizes Even if you are not interested in the prizes, the photos help to inspire our community and keeps all of us thinking about fitness throughout the summer.

A few weeks ago we created a new #hashtag system to categorize the different types of workouts you may find yourself doing during the Commit to Fit Summer Challenge.  You can use these to label the photos you post in our Facebook Group.  We did this to ensure that all our participants realize that the challenge is about the small things. If you go for a walk everyday in your neighbourhood, that is just as important as completing a multi-day trek in the Himalayas.  Most of us are compelled to photograph and post about the EPIC activities we do, however, the small things count too.

EPIC is a workout that is something out of the ordinary.  This is usually a planned, active holiday such as hiking the West Coast Trail or paddling the Bowron Lakes Circuit.  It could also be an unusually long, challenging activity that you have been planning or training for such as a 100km bike ride, or an event of some sort. #epic

MISSION is when you have to work really, really, really hard to fit in some sort of physical activity that you would otherwise have skipped.  For example, during a long driving section of a road trip, you may do some yoga stretching at the gas station or go for short walk at a picnic rest area.  You may have to get creative at the playground or at another kid focused activity such as going for a run/walk while your child is at baseball practice, or maybe you found the local yoga studio in the village you were visiting? #mission

ROUTINE is when all the stars alinged and you were able to fit in one of your regularly scheduled fitness activities. That would be inspite of the heat, kids activities or out of town guests!  For example, going to the fitness class you always attend.  Riding your bike to work as usual. Fitting in your after dinner power walk with your neighbourhood friends.  #routine

Here is a selection of some photographs that were submitted between July 22nd and August 21st.  Enjoy!  How will you #committofit during these last few weeks of the summer challenge?


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