Humans of Eastside Fitness – Sue

I am a local girl. My family lived on Sherbrooke Street while I was in high school. I went to Eric Hamber. After high school, I moved on to work as a secretary. While working at the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse, I met my husband Dave, who was articling for his CA there. We have been married for 31 years.

Typing for a living got a bit boring. I went back to school and got a degree in archaeology. I ended up working for the Líl’wat Nation in Pemberton, interviewing Elders about the traditional ways they used their land. I worked for Líl’wat for many years. I travelled up once or twice a week, and lived with a family on the reserve. This was a defining experience of my life, and I am grateful for how generous the Líl’wat people were to a naive white girl!

Dave and I wanted to start a family, so living in two places part of each week was no longer practical. I came back permanently to Vancouver. We have lived in our current house near 30th & Main for 18 years now.

We soon knew that if we wanted to be parents we would need to adopt. We were approved as adoptive parents in April 2003. We thought it might be years of waiting. But in October of that year, we got a call on a Friday night to come to the hospital in the morning and take our baby home! Pouf, instant parents! I was very lucky to be a stay-at-home mum with Joe.

My hobbies are fashion and dance. My interest in fashion will come as news to the folks at Eastside Fitness, who have only seen me all sweaty with no make up on and in work out gear! Fashion and style is my way to be creative, and I think I look pretty good when I take the time to plan out an outfit. I have an Image Consulting Certificate from Langara College, where I learned to do wardrobe colour draping. I do this as a hobby for friends and family.

I am also love dance. Watching it, not doing it! I have seasons tickets to Dance House and Ballet BC. Partly my interest in dance is in wonder at what others can do with their bodies. I am not very coordinated. Even doing the work outs at Eastside, I have to think carefully about balance and coordination.

A lot of my newer friendships and social life revolved around my son’s elementary school, General Brock. Other mums from there who also go to Eastside Fitness encouraged me to go. Thanks Mary Ellen, Janice and Ellen! I am definitely not one of the super fit gang there, but people of all fitness levels are welcome. I’m doing personal training with Winnie, as well as a few classes. My fitness and energy have really improved. I am now a Human of Eastside Fitness!

Humans of Eastside Fitness is inspired by the interesting and popular – Humans of New York series. We aim to document the diverse and dedicated community who workout and hang out at Eastside Fitness. 

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