Humans of Eastside Fitness – Bonnie

I’m a mom, yogi, knitter, belly dancer, gardener, and avid food preserver; a lifelong East Van resident. I don’t move around much. In fact, I live in the house my husband grew up in, which is only 8 blocks from my own childhood home! I have 3 growing kids, two of which now go to the high school where my husband and I met. Having deep roots in a place seems so much more uncommon nowadays, but it’s really special to my family. My parents moved to North Vancouver not too long ago, and it will take years before I let them live it down! It will take a lot to get me out of the Eastside I adore…although I’ll take any opportunity to holiday at my beloved Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville on Vancouver Island. When I’m not living on “Island time”, summers find me standing in my kitchen over a canning pot, preserving all the fruits and veggies I can get my hands on.


I can hardly remember a time when I felt comfortable in my body, which is something I regret about my younger years, and hope my daughters don’t go through. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that, while I’m actually quite introverted and love to be alone, I need a group around me to successfully commit to regular exercise. I started American Tribal Style bellydance 11 years ago, which is based on group improv, not solo choreography, and it brought me so much joy. Nothing like dancing with a group of women to make you feel great. And the costumes! I loved teaching it too, and hope to one day get back to it when the right studio space comes up. Over the years I’ve done other group fitness classes at community centres, and it always helps me get out the door if I know someone is expecting me. That’s the best thing I’ve found about Eastside Fitness. Whenever I arrive, someone always calls out a “hello”, or asks where I’ve been if it’s been awhile since I’ve shown up. I truly feel like part of a community. One day I might even work up the courage to try a “Core ‘N More” class!

Yoga is something that finally brought me some comfort in my body. It really doesn’t matter what you look like; yoga is for EVERYONE. I was amazed by what my body could do, and how strong it was. Twenty year old shoulder injuries eased. Before yoga, I would often say “I’m too young to feel this old” as I hobbled out of bed in the mornings. No more! I feel an ease that I haven’t felt in many years. This past winter I took the first 100 hours of Yoga Foundations through Eastside and Ocean Breath Yoga. I’m looking forward to continuing on this Fall with the 100 hour Teacher Training. I just need to master the art of meditation – it’s hard for me to sit without knitting needles in my hands!

Humans of Eastside Fitness is inspired by the interesting and popular – Humans of New York series. We aim to document the diverse and dedicated community who workout and hang out at Eastside Fitness. 

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  1. The Phenomenal Bonnie! Great to see you featured here!


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