Humans of Eastside Fitness – Roger

Prior to having kids, my wife and I lived a very active life, hiking, snowshoeing, and snowboarding.   Although we knew having children would change our lifestyle,  I didn’t realize that I also wouldn’t have the energy or the motivation to exercise.  Last winter, I inured my ankle playing basketball and I ended up doing even less exercise than what had become usual.  My wife, Mun “gently hinted” to me that I was getting out of shape and I needed to take care of myself. I knew I needed to make a change but it seemed so difficult.  In June 2017, my wife bought me personal training sessions.  I had lifted weights and gone to the gym in the past but never went to a personal trainer.  I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed working out with trainer!  The encouragement, trying new things, feeling sore the next day (in a good way), was the motivation I needed.   I have enjoyed it so much that I organized a small group ofguys from the neighbourhood to come work out with me.  I also, invested in a bicycle and have become a seasonal cyclist to and from work!  We even got out on some family bike rides this summer.  Fitness is a journey that includes the whole family.

Humans of Eastside Fitness is inspired by the interesting and popular – Humans of New York series. We aim to document the diverse and dedicated community who workout and hang out at Eastside Fitness. 



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