Humans of Eastside Fitness – Kelly & Gabe

I started working with a personal trainer in 2010 to stay fit for my wedding in 2011. I am the type of person who requires accountability in order to accomplish a goal and having a personal trainer fit the bill.  After I got married, I thought it’d be great for my husband Gabe to start working out as well. He was no longer dragon boating.  It was awesome working out together as it kept us accountable to our goal of remaining active.

4 years later we were still working out together and I joined a Run Clinic to help get my cardio fitness stronger.  We soon discovered I was pregnant with our first baby.  We kept working out together until I reached 8.5 months. At that time I found it was enough of a workout just walking around.

Soon after our son Donovan was born, we began to train together again.  I signed up for a Run/Walk Clinic and raced the BMO 8km in May. Shortly after the race I discovered I was pregnant with our second baby! So, it apprears there is a strong correlation between run clinics and new babies.  I will not be signing up for any more run groups!  During my second preganacy I kept exercising with our trainer until I reached 8 months.

Once our daughter Justine was born we wanted to keep to our goal of maintaining an active lifestyle.  It was important to us to keep exercising, not only for our own health but also to set an example for our kids. We want our children to grow up knowing that fitness is a normal part of life so that they will make it a priority in their lives.  Since we had trouble finding childcare, we started bringing our kids with us to our appointments.  Now we look forward to our weekly Friday evening work-outs. It’s our family date night!

Humans of Eastside Fitness is inspired by the interesting and popular – Humans of New York series. We aim to document the diverse and dedicated community who workout and hang out at Eastside Fitness. 

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