Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge -2018

A little running on the trails in the rain never killed anyone.

The 2018 version of our winter Cardio Challenge is about to begin!  This is our 5th annual and it has always been one of our most popular, most controversial, and most important fitness challenges!  It is popular because as a participant it is fun to track your time, your progress, and to connect with others via our Facebook Group and see what creative solutions people are finding to “get their cardio in”!  It is controversial because we challenge you to learn about heart rate zones, their effect on cardiovascualr health and conditioning, and then to determine what “counts” as cardio vascular exercise. It is important because whether you participate in this challenge or not, we are asking for the very minimum of what is recommended by the medical, health, and fitness industry to maintain your cardio vascular health and minimize risk factors for various diseases.

Are you getting a minimum 150 minutes of cardio vascular exercise per week?  Let’s find out!

2018 Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge 

8 Weeks

Start Date: Feb 14th, 2018

End Date: April 10th, 2018

Stay tuned for details on how to make the commitment!