Commit to Fit Winter 2015

Are you ready to take on the next Commit to Fit Challenge?


The 2nd Annual Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge


The goal of this challenge is to accumulate points by performing cardio vascular activity over the course of 58 days, between Februray 1st and March 30th.  During this time you will learn about your heart rate and energy systems.  You can choose a variety of cardiovascular activities to earn points.

Here’s what you have to do!

1) Sign up for the Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge  Use the Event tab Sign Up

2) Join our Facebook Group #Commit to Fit Challenge by Eastside Fitness

3) Record your daily points using this form

4) Use the hashtag #committofit when talking about the challenge in social media

5) Post some great photos of you doing your thing!  Post on the Facebook Group, the Eastside Fitness Facebook Page and/or send photos to 

Date: February 1st – March 30th

Goal: 116 points

Points/30 mins:

  • Cycling 1pt
  • Running 2pts
  • Skiing 2pts
  • Hiking 3pts
  • Walking 3pts
  • Rowing 6pts
  • Swimming 6pts


  • Increased cardio vascular health
  • Knowledge and awareness of heart rate and training zones
  • You will recieve a cool, Eastside Fitness Commit to Fit gift for completing the challenge!

Other Important Challenge Information:

  • Cardio sessions must be completed in minimum 30 minute segments, no maximum
  • Points system is based on effort levels and distances covered for various cardio vascular activities
  • You can use stationary bike, rowing machine or treadmill for some of the sessions but try to get outdoors as much as possible
  • You do not have to be a member of Eastside Fitness to participate in the challenge
  • The only Eastside Fitness class that counts as a cardio session is the Wednesday 6pm Run Club
  • Team sports such as soccer, field hockey and ice hockey, although very intense, do not count in this challenge because the cardiovascular activity is not steady state enough.  However, participating in this challenge will certainly improve your preformance in those sports!


Commit To Fit!





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