Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge 2016

It’s not a coincidence that our 3rd Annual Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge begins on February 14th.  Valentine’s Day? Hearts? Cardio?  Get it? So get that heart pumping and show your love!  Better yet, convince a friend or relative to join you in the challenge.

The 2016 version of our winter Cardio Challenge is about to begin!  This has always been one of our most popular, most controversial, and most important fitness challenges.  Popular because as a participant you get to track your time and progress and stay motivated with others via our Facebook Group, controversial because we challenge you to learn about heart rate zones and their effect on cardiovascualr health and conditioning , and important because whether you participate in this challenge or not, we are asking for the very minimum of what is recommended by the medical, health, and fitness industry  to maintain your cardio vascular health and minimize risk factors for various diseases.

Toosie Cycling

Here’s what you have to do!

1) Sign up for the Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge –  Use the Event tab in your Mindbody Account Sign Up

2) Join our Facebook Group #Commit to Fit Challenge by Eastside Fitness

3) Record your daily minutes using this FORM

4) Use the hashtags #committofit #onthemove when talking about the challenge in social media

5) Post some great photos of you doing your thing!  Post on the Facebook Group, the Eastside Fitness Facebook Page and/or send photos to 

Date: February 14st – April 3rd

Goal: 150 minutes of low to medium intensity cardiovascular activity per week for 7 weeks


Other Important Challenge Information:

  • Cardio sessions must be completed in minimum 20-30 minute segments, no maximum
  • You may use stationary bikes, rowing machines or treadmills for some of the sessions but we encourage you to get outdoors as much as possible
  • You do not have to be a member of Eastside Fitness to participate in the challenge
  • Fitness classes and yoga sessions do not count as cardio. However, if you walk or run to and from your classes, that does count!
  • Team sports such as soccer, field hockey and ice hockey, although very intense, do not count in this challenge because the cardiovascular activity is not steady state enough.  However, participating in this challenge will certainly improve your preformance in those sports!


Commit To Fit!

We look forward to having you you join us this year whether you are a returning participant or are new to our community!