Commit to Fit Challenge Summer 2015

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Keep Cool

It’s almost summer! That means warm, sunny days, trips to the beach, camping at the lake, patios, pool parties, long weekends and extended vacations to visit family, friends and far away places.  In between all that, you, like many of us, also have to fit in the regular routine of work, errands, chores and  day -to -day upkeep of yourself and your family.

This brings up the question:  When in the world does anyone have time to exercise?!?

Well that is what our Commit to Fit Summer Challenge is all about.  In 2013 we intruduced our first Commit to Fit Challenge.  It was so simple – exercise a minimum of 3 times per week for 1 hour each time, throughout the summer- it prompted many people to exclaim “That’s it???”

But as the summer began, we realized just how challenging it was to fit in three workouts admist all the travelling, heat, backyard bbq’s and more.

Once we accepted the challenge, we began to get creative.  Last year, the theme for our Commit to Fit Challenge Summer 2014 was: Where in the World Will You Commit to Fit?  We had folks doing yoga in front of the Eiffle Tower, push ups and step ups on a log at the beach, chin ups at the campground monkey bars, swimming laps in a lake, hiking, riding, skipping, taking in fitness classes at centres in other towns, and forcing their friends and relatives to participate too.  The photos were awesome.  We especially loved the #smelfie shots of participants “glowing” with sweat after completing their exercise sessions in the heat.

This year, we want to continue the tradition of creative solutions to exercise during the summer.  Our theme this year is: Keep Cool!  We want to hear and see how you deal with exercising in the heat.  Bucket of ice water? Frosty, post workout recovery beverage?  Dipping your legs in a glacial stream?

Have fun people and get ready to Commit to Fit!

What do you do?

Step 1) Pledge to exercise 3 x per week between June 21st and September 21st
Step 2) Take a few photos and send them in to us and/or post on social media. Join our #Committofit Challenge by Eastside Fitness on Facebook and/or like our Eastside Fitness page #committofit #keepcool
Step 3) Become stronger, faster, smoother, more fit, happy and healthy!
Step 4) Get a custom Commit to Fit shirt upon completion of the challenge.

Keep Cool!

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