Commit to Fit Challenge Winter 2014

running heartCan you run, walk, hike, cycle or swim 120km, 240km or 480km or MORE  in 60 days?

We know you can!  And the Winter 2014 Commit to Fit is all about CardioVascular Fitness!

Starts :  February 14th, 2014

Ends : April 14th


  • Kilometers must be completed in a minimum of continuous 2km segments.
  • Your heart rate must remain at a minimum of 60% of your Maximum Heart Rate for the duration of your exercise session.
  • Cycling sessions will record 2kms as 1 km.
  • Swimming sessions will record 500m as 1 km.
In order to prepare for the next Commit to Fit Challenge, we need to do some homework!

running heart

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