Commit to Fit Summer 2014

Where in the world will YOU Commit to Fit this summer?  



We are very excited to introduce our second annual summer fitness challenge.

What do you do?

Step 1) Pledge to exercise 3 x per week between June 21st and September 21st  Take the Pledge

Step 2) Take a few photos and send them in to us and/or post on social media.  Remember to tag Eastside Fitness.

Step 3) Become stronger, faster, smoother, more fit, happy and healthy!

Step 4) Get a 6 Pack and a custom Commit to Fit shirt upon completion of the challenge.

Where in the world will YOU Commit to Fit?

Commit To Fit!



  1. Help! I pledged! And here I was planning books and beaches all summer ;-O

  2. You won’t regret it!

  3. Ok. I ran Seek the Peak on the weekend.

    • Woo Hoo! Way to go Sue. You will be ready for the challenge to begin this weekend! The challenge runs from June 21st -September 21st.

  4. Hi Darnelle and Wendy. I know I am in Ontario but I will be exercising a minimum of 3 times per week. I would love to send pix – especially when I am in Europe and trying to get creative with exercising. I would appreciate any help from the travellers out there. I will be hiking during the day but most time on a river cruise. Any suggestions?

    • That’s awesome Toosie! We will do our best to keep you motivated and give you tips and advice on working out while on vacation!

  5. Hi Darnelle,

    Is this where we post our commit to fit events. Pics too?

    Today I hiked the BCMC trail for the first time. I’ve a pic but it’s not very good. ;(
    What do you recommend? Posting our events weekly or…?


    • Way to go Ruth! You can either email photos to or even post them on your faxcebook page and make sure to tag Eastside Fitness!

  6. Does being a Half Marathon Roadie for Harriet count? -Ahem, while chasing Theo through a forest?

    • Chasing Theo through a forest REALLY counts. That kid is FAST!

  7. Ok…I’m on a mission now!! Took the pledge too! Will do my best and have fun with this …kids and all 🙂

    ie./ last week: Ran to the grocery store, did groceries, and ran/walked back home…(baby in stroller) Making this work in everyday life!

    • That’s awesome Nadia! Woo Hoo! Go Team!

  8. Hi Darnelle:
    I am a bit late – can I still register?

    • Yes, you can still register for Commit to Fit for 2014! Email to remind us, please! And thank you! You can also post your photos of yourself doing fitness this summer to our FB page. – use hashtag #committofit

      – Eastside Fitness

  9. Now that my chronic health issue is under control, I took the pledge, and have already started this week doing something for fitness everyday. Thanks for creating something like this. So motivating to join others doing the same!


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