Personal Training

We can help you meet your fitness goals through Personal Training, Small Group Training, or Private Classes.

  • goal setting
  • motivation
  • customized routines
  • personalized programming


Are you interested in receiving one-to-one guidance to help you work toward your fitness goal?

Our trainers can work with you and other health care providers to make sure your exercises are effective in helping you to reach personal goals and compliment any injury rehabilitation you are receiving.  Your individual needs are the top priority when designing your program and workout within the program. Individual attention to movement patterns and resistance levels ensures you will be getting the maximum physiological adaptations for your time and effort! 


Do you have a group of 2-3 people who would like to work out together?

Make the commitment with a friend, partner, or family member!  This format is a fun and cost effect way to reap the benefits of personal training.  In this case, it is best to make sure your small group has similar goals, abilities, and fitness levels.






Are you part of a team or other large group that is looking for conditioning or team building experiences?

An excellent way to get your team in shape for it’s upcoming competitive season.  ie volleyball, Dragon Boat, soccer, etc.  Other ideas include; corporate or school team building experiences or a neighbourhood, community building activity.  (yoga, bootcamp, Zumba).   Let us know what kind of class, how long, and over what time frame you are considering and we can help you make it happen. Classes are completely customizable.




For more information, to set up an appointment, or to receive a call back please email our Personal Training Manager

Jessi Schlegel