Exercise for Beginners Level 2


Tuesdsays April 11th – June 13th     

10:45am to 11:45 am   

10 sessions for $100 +GST  


Are you finding yourself lacking energy to tackle your daily tasks even though you have no medical concerns?

  • Do you want to be more active, but don’t know how to get started?
  • Are you intimidated in the gym or in group classes because you don’t know how to use the equipment or how to properly do the exercise?
  • Do you want to improve your posture and your eye-hand-leg coordination?
  • Do you want to learn how to activate your core muscles and correctly use the right

muscles during exercises so that you can improve your performance

What you will learn in these classes:

  • Functional movements that are relevant to your daily activities
  • How to warm up and properly use your body weight and dynamic equipment to improve

your strength, core, balance, and endurance

  • Stretching and exercise tips that you can do at home to improve your mobility
  • The benefits to being physically active:  improved cardiovascular system, greater flexibility, enhanced endurance, increased muscle strength, improved psychological state of mind, enhanced social integration