Lissette Guajardo

BCRPA; CPT, Group Fitness, 200hr Yoga Alliance

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Fitness can be a roller coaster ride;  sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. The key is to “not beat yourself up” and just keep trying over and over again. Lissette knows from personal experience that with support, fun and laughter, all things can be achieved and no challenge is unattainable!

Lissette believes that wellness is not about body image, rather it is state of mind.  She loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, snowboarding and is passionate about Yoga and meditation. She played all types of sports growing up and very much enjoys watching others succeed in their goals. Her healthcare background makes her comfortable around all clientele including those with disabilities, injuries, and illness. Her Yoga training has helped sculpt her style in a fundamental way as a Personal Trainer.  If you would like to work with Lissette, please contact Jessi, our Personal Training Manager or