Winnie Leung

BCRPA; CPT/ Group Fitness /OAS, FMS L2


If you would like to wake up to action, warm up to movement,  be mobile for independence,  exercise for health and, be fit for life, then Winnie is the perfect trainer for you! She has always enjoyed working out, and loves the great feeling throughout her body, mind and soul after exercising.  Because of this , after many years in the investment industry, she decided to become a personal trainer in the fitness industry.  Her passion is to help others be healthier and stronger.   Winnie’s physical fitness background includes being an avid badminton player, runner and member of The Royal Hong Kong Regiment.  

Winnie can provide her clients with the skills, knowledge, motivation, encouragement, and discipline they need to improve their well-being.  To work with Winnie, please contact our Personal Training Manager Jessi or