Osteopathy and Personal Training Combination

This collaborative, multi – disciplinary approach to fitness allows clients to have 30 minutes of osteopathic manual therapy (OMP) combined with 30 minutes of personal training.   It is perfect for those who are recovering from injury, working on improving mobility, or needing to get past a limitation in fitness that is due to a functionality issue.

Osteopathic manual thereapists work to restore your body to a state of balance using touch, stretching, movement and physical manipulation to increase the mobility of joints, ease muscle tension, and to enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues.  They also provide advice on posture and exercise to aid recovery, promote health, and prevent symptoms recurring.

Once you have had a session of manual therapy, your body is open to new ranges and it is a great idea to stretch and strengthen as soon as possible.  With this combination of OMP and personal training, you will be able to do that.

Our team in this unique package is comprised of Jessica Schlegel (OMP, CPT, RHN, FMS),  Winnie Leung (CPT, FMS L2, OAS) and Savannagh Marchell (CPT, YA200).


$375 10 x 30 minute sessions (5 x OMP and 5x PT)


Once you have purchased a package you will be contacted by Jessi Schlegel or you may contact her with any questions! personaltraining@eastsidefitness.ca or info@eastsidefitness.ca