Push Up Party 2016

How many push ups will you do? 


May 27th Save the Date!

Here is an article I wrote last year for the Vancouver Courier about push ups.    Even though, in this article, I tout the benefits of a less is more approach to push ups, as in “Drop and give me ONE!”, on this day, and this day only…we want to see how MANY you can do!

A yearly tradition we started in 2012 when we were aiming for 100 facebook likes, Darnelle and Wendy completed 100 pushups.  A few of our instructors participated and got their classes to complete some push ups too.

In 2014 my sister started the party off by doing 500 push ups while she and her husband were on vacation in Iceland.  I finished the party off by doing 500 pushups in honour of 500 “facebook likes” on our Eastside Fitness page.  In total, all of the Eastside Fitness family near and far performed over 3000 push ups on May 30th, 2014.

On May 30th 2015 I managed 600, for 600 facebook likes,  And our group total was well over 4000!

This year we are aiming for 700!  Group total of over 5000!!! I will be at the studio on May 27th but you can do your push ups anywhere.  Send in photos and your final count.  Let’s PARTY!

Some benefits of pushups:

  • core strengthening/activating
  • upper body strength and endurance
  • no fancy equipment required
  • can be done anywhere
  • easy to modify to make more or less challenging