Restorative & Yin Yoga for Happy Hips

Date: Saturday, April 29th
Time: 2pm-3:30pm
Cost: $25  REGISTER
This workshop will start with a joint movement series to explore the 6 directions of movement in the hip joint.  We’ll use the longer held postures of yin to access the denser tissues of the hips and thighs, which need time and gentle pressure to unwind our habitual tensions and help restore mobility. 

Instructor: Ara Cusack

Ara has the highest level of accreditation with the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500, YACEP) and has studied hatha, flow, yin, restorative, kundalini, prenatal, qi gong, anatomy and meditation.

“I stumbled upon yoga in 1998 with a 20 minute video, popping it into the VCR late at night after I came home from a hectic day at work.  Little did I know this video would change my life!  I discovered an all-encompassing system that showed me how to find ease, stability and strength in body and mind.  Not only did it unwind the tensions of a long day, it became an important complement to all the other sports I was doing at the time.  The benefits quickly spread off the mat.

My yoga and meditation practice continues to help me find perspective and balance with greater ease – at home, work, alone, with others, and within every moment.  19 years later (with 5000+ hours of training, teaching and leading over 32 teacher trainings), I enjoy teaching students how to use the system of yoga to learn how to:

  1. slow down and listen to the present state of their body and mind
  2. identify what their lifestyle requires from their body and mind
  3. how to use the methods of yoga to serve the needs of their lives

In that way, we meet ourselves where we are, take a proactive approach to self care and can practice yoga for life.  ”