EastsideFitness-9 I have never felt so accomplished, empowered and strong.

A place to call my home away from home…

It’s a love/hate relationship with the outcome/workouts but I really appreciate how you push me when I’m there.     I’m so appreciative that I have found the most supportive trainer/instructor in the world, and a place to call my home away from home, even if its just for an hour a day.  

You guys are ‘keeping it real’ which no one bothers to do in Vancouver.

 I have to say there isn’t one class I don’t like…with the studio being so close to me, I really have no excuse NOT to go.

I have been meaning to email you guys  about how much I love Eastside Fitness, especially now that I have been able to check out the classes that fit around my schedule.   I have to say, there isn’t one class I don’t like, and I mean that!  Sometimes I’ll attend two classes in one day! 

Eastside Fitness is such a great place.  I love the variety of classes on offer–ranging from getting a good butt kicking to relaxing your peace of mind.   The hardcore fitcamp and athletic conditioning classes are my favourite!  Who knew I would ever be able to do more than three pushups from my toes?!   I never thought it would be possible.  For days that I feel l’ve done one too many lunges and squats, I’ll head to one of the yoga classes for a good stretch.  There really is a class for everyone, everything and every body!   It’s classes like these that have made me realize I’m a lot stronger than I think and that perhaps, running isn’t so bad.  

 Not only are the classes enjoyable, the instructors are amazing!!  Not once did I ever feel intimidated or out of place here at Eastside. It really is such a welcoming environment.  I have never been so motivated, eager and excited (all at once) to workout!  Everyone I have encouraged to check out the studio has said the same thing and they love it!  THANK YOU for opening the perfect studio 🙂

Eastside is a real benefit to the community!

I am very impressed with Eastside’s unwavering commitment and contagious enthusiasm for community involvement. From giant hopscotch at the SH Festival, a booth at car free days on Main St, free running and cycling clubs, keeping us informed of neighbourhood happenings with their bulletin board and up-to-date Facebook page to instructing our local women’s fitcamp in a nearby church basement so we can have simultaneous childcare; Eastside is a real benefit to the community. Not to mention, they’re helping us get (and stay) in shape!   

Eastside Fitness has really made a difference for me.

Eastside Fitness has really made a difference for me since it first opened. I’m feeling fitter, trimmer and more flexible than I have in a long time. The instructors welcome and encourage everyone to strive for their best (or the best they can do that day) whatever their fitness level. I’m very grateful to have a selection of yoga/fitness classes so close to home.  Barbara

I really just wanted to thank you for the most amazing last 5 weeks there.  I have never felt so accomplished, empowered and strong than I have felt after working out with the most wonderful instructors here! I can’t even begin to explain how much you guys have changed my life, for the better.

They are role models for other business owners within the South Hill BIA.

The South Hill Business Association (South Hill BIA) was very pleased when Eastside Fitness opened their studio on Fraser Street. Eastside Fitness filled the need for yoga and exercise classes in the area. The BIA is also very happy that the owners of the studio actively participate in the BIA’s activities and volunteer their time.  They are role models for other business owners within the South Hill BIA.  


  1. I want to take this opportunity to THANK all the instructors at Eastside Fitness. I started a 30 day challenge and it was wonderful. As I am moving to Europe, I will be sad to say goodbye to my 2nd home. Thank you East Side for all your encouragement and making me feel very welcomed. I have met and made some great future friends in your place.
    All the Best

    • We will miss you too Patricia! Hope you are able to keep up your new found fitness routine. You can do it!

  2. I just wanted to say how lucky I feel to have found Eastside Fitness when I did! After 20 years in the fitness industry Ive had my fair share of experiences with different types of classes as well as different personalities, but Eastside Fitness is by far the most comfortable, personable and welcoming space I have ever encountered! After major illness and injury and being given the greenlight to begin my training once again I couldnt have asked for a better place to immerse myself in. The variety and balance of classes is just what the doctor ordered! Each instructor injects their own unique personality and style into each class and the sense of comraderie is both encouraging and motivating. The only competition here is with yourSELF and there is an unspoken feeling of unity amongst both instructors AND members. There is absolutely NO EGO in this facility…and the energy is magnetic….I find myself wanting to come every day and not wanting to leave! Ha!…(yes, thats me laying in the corner after everyone has gone home.). Thank you Eastside Fitness for keeping it real and ALWAYS with a smile. 🙂

  3. Hi Darnelle,

    I would love if you can try to add another YES yoga class! I love that class and Linda is wonderful I was hoping another noon or evening class that would be great! Such a fun class so different from any classes I ever been to. It’s fast pact slow pace sing and you dance. I LOVE IT!

  4. Hi Darnelle& Wendy,

    Just signed up online for 1 year unlimited pass today…..gosh….can’t believe it’s been a year since I joined Eastside Fitness studio. Lovin’ it! It’s so close to my home that it has become my “second” home 🙂
    Kudos to the two of you…you set the pace of making everyone feel that he or she “belongs” to Eastside’s happy big yoga/fitness family. The teachers are very friendly, welcoming, full of energy & passion for the practice .
    I made real connections with a few “regulars” and “diehards” …. feel comfortable in every class I go to and truly enjoy the benefits of each session.
    Thanks for being part of the ‘hood!

  5. Riza, Thank you so much for your comment. We are happy to include in our esf family! One big, happy, healthy family! Keep up the great work and see you soon at the studio or around the neighbourhood. 🙂

  6. I can make one wobbly push up at the end of the class!😀
    A big thank you🌻


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