The Karvonen Formula to Calculate Target Heart Rate

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Did you do your homework for the upcoming Commit to Fit Challenge?

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) = 220- age or  226-age = MHR

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) =

Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) = MHR-RHR =

The Karvonen formula is commonly used to determine what your heart rate should be while you are exercising at a certain prescribed intensity.  The formula takes into consideration the changes in your RHR as you become more physically fit.

For the upcoming Commit to Fit Challenge, your exercise sessions should be completed in a target heart rate zone of  60% intensity or higher.

The formula looks like this:  (HRR x % intensity) + RHR = Target HR

Now for those running or hiking uphill, it is pretty easy to get up into this zone.  If you are going to be walking or cycling, you will have to focus to make sure you are working hard enough.  If you have a heart rate monitor or are considering investing in one , then making sure you stay on target is as easy as looking at a watch.  But you do not need a heart rate monitor or any fancy equipment for the purpose of this challenge.  Learn how to take your own pulse by using your index and middle finger and the pulse point on your wrist or neck.  You can ask any of the instructors at the studio to help you with this or one of the many health care professionals in our awesome Eastside Fitness community.

Here is an example of how Darnelle would use the Karvonen Formula:

MHR= 183  (226-43 = 183)

RHR = 57 (taken at night)

HRR = 126 (183-57)

Target HR of 60% = (126 x60%) + 57

133 bpm = 75.6 + 57

So Darnelle would have to keep her heart rate at at a minimum of 133 bpm or higher while she is running, walking, cycling or swimming in order for the exercise session to count towards the Commit to Fit Challenge!  Challenge begins February 14th.

What is your target heart rate?  Have you signed up for the Commit to Fit Cardio Challenge 2016 yet?





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